Tiffin Service for breakfast

You could choose to have your breakfast in the afternoon with Tiffin Alltime. We serve our breakfast as brunch in the noon time. Breakfast is generally considered to be the most important meal of the day. There are so many items on the breakfast menu to choose from. You will definitely be spoilt for choices when it comes to breakfast.

Keep the following things in mind:

Extensive Menu:
You should always look to have a menu that offers variety. Indian people love parathas, dosas, upma, idlis, poha, and sandwiches for breakfast. You could include all these in your menu for people with different tastes.

It is important to work on the delivery schedule. Be sure to deliver the food in accordance with the customer’s needs. While some customers prefer having breakfast early in the morning, there are yet others who like to have brunch late morning. Be sure to know your customer’s preferred timings.

Make use of special tiffin boxes for freshness intact:
Always be sure to deliver fresh, warm, crisp food intact with all the aromas to the customer. As soon as the food is prepared, don’t let it rest for too long before transferring it into the tiffin box. Also, the tiffin box should be such, that during transit, it retains the warmth and the freshness of the food.

Find out how often the customer wants tiffin:
In accordance with the customer’s wishes, you could provide the tiffin service on a daily, weekly, or as a one-time order. The customer could choose to subscribe to your tiffin service.

The Most Important Meal Of The Day!

Since breakfast is one meal that should not be skipped, if you like to have your first meal of the day a little late, then you could order your Tiffin as brunch. The meals here are well-balanced providing you with adequate nourishment for the entire day. You can choose to have regular meals comprising of the honest Dal (with or without tadka), Seasonal Sabzi/Sabji, Portion of Rice, Roti/Chappati/Phulka. All this with the accompaniments of a crispy green Salad and tangy Pickle. Alternatively, you could choose to go light on your stomach with the special snacks that our culinary experts prepare with great pizzazz!

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