Tiffin without Onion and Garlic

Keeping in mind the sentiments of the people of India, we have specialized meals for different sects of the community. For example, we have the Jain and certain Hindu sects who like their meals without the use of onion or garlic for different reasons. We take care of all such needs of the customers from different sects of India. Again, there are several points to keep in mind before you begin to serve such customers in search of special veg tiffin service.

Here Are Some Key Points:

Know Your Customer: Usually the customers would proactively tell you if they would like their food free of onion and garlic. Listen attentively to all their instructions for the preparation of food and follow them. If you cater to such customers, you will definitely have a much larger clientele. This could help do wonders for your business!

Custom Meals For Customers: Make sure to follow all the directions of the customers at all times. Apart from the exclusion of onions and garlic if there are other instructions from the customer, follow them. All this will only do wonders for your business.

Organic Fresh Meals: Be sure to include only the best ingredients that are organic and fresh. This ensures that the customer would not have to think twice before ordering tiffin service from you.

Timing for Delivery: Know exactly what time the customer wants the tiffin box. You certainly don’t want your customer starving for too long!

Charges and Pricing: Always set prices that are reasonable enough. Quality forever has been the important factor that lures customers. Another important factor is a fair price. If the prices of your tiffin services are kept affordable, you are bound to have a much larger customer base. Also, be sure to inform the customer of any extra charges for tiffins that exclude onion and garlic. You might want to charge a little extra for such custom tiffins. However, it is always a good practice to keep your customers informed of all such charges.

The Menu Without Onion And Garlic

Even though the spice levels range from less to moderate in meals without onion and garlic, they are intact with all the flavors and aromas of the other herbs and spices.

Dishes such as Zeera Aloo, Chana Masala, Dal Tadka, Vegetable Pulao, and Vegetable Stir Fry can be customized at Tiffin Alltime without the use of Onion And Garlic. Then there are other delicacies as well, to which our culinary experts can add their own verve without the use of Onion and Garlic of course!


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